Heaton Valves Africa is the sole partner of TLV in Southern Africa. TLV produces dependable, long lasting steam traps with strict adherence to its two fundamental policies – quality first and incomparable originality second.

TLV has expanded its product line and services to become a steam specialist company and a recognized leader in the steam engineering field. TLV’s benchmark products, the J3X (TLV’s unique free float steam trap), the QuickTrap F46 connector unit with a free float, thermodynamic or thermostatic steam trap unit and the P46SRN thermodynamic steam trap along with others in the comprehensive range are available through HVA.

TLV’s patented Lloyd’s approved steam trap testing computer, Trapman, is used extensively by HVA to perform steam trap surveys, and provides the only quantifiable steam loss result reports worldwide. Also available are pressure/temperature controls, air and gas traps, separators/filters, valves, air vents, measurement instruments, condensate recovery systems, Y-strainers, sight glasses, trap stations and steam and condensate manifolds.


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Heaton Valves Africa (Pty) Ltd is an expert valve stockist, flow, relief, steam and combustion system solution provider and distributor of premium products.
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