Steam Trap Applications

Steam’s ability to hold a lot of energy and transfer uniform heat while travelling through tubes makes it such an efficient engineering mechanism. It plays a particularly important role in steam traps which are used to discharge gases without negligible steam loss for a variety of applications. When it comes to steam installations, it’s important that you select the right type of steam trap for an efficient system.

Steam Traps

Here are some examples of useful steam trap applications.

1. Steam Distribution Piping

For steam-using equipment or tracing lines to operate, they need a reliable supply of reasonable quality steam to be constantly supplied through steam distribution piping. Steam traps within steam distribution piping will perform a number of functions, primarily preventing the occurrence of a water hammer. For this, the particular steam trap will be designed to prevent condensate from pooling so users will need to choose a steam trap with very little sub-cooling of the condensate.

2. Steam-heated and Comfort Heating Equipment

For the optimum performance of comfort heating equipment – such as air heaters – or steam-using process equipment, the steam trap will have to shorten start-up time and continuously discharge condensate, preventing it from pooling into the equipment. These forms of equipment typically need a steam trap with an air venting function to remove air and other non-condensable gases. Another function particular to this equipment is a high secondary pressure which – combined with a pump – can power the condensate discharge through the trap preventing stalls.

3. Tracer Lines

These steam traps have to be specifically fashioned because they are generally used with copper piping which is able to conduct very high temperatures. The steam traps will heat and maintain the fluidity of viscous fluids at temperatures below 100°C, while preventing blockage from the copper precipitate allowing for the correct heat of the steam and condensate.

4. Power-drive Equipment

Steam traps used in power-drive equipment will remove condensate as quickly as possible to ensure the safe operation of the equipment because pooling within any of the equipment can cause functional damage. Power-drive equipment includes all turbines within compressors, pumps, generators, steam hammers and wheels.

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Depending on the application, there are a variety of steam traps available which is why it’s important to get expert guidance on the best steam trap option before investing.

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