Quality Assurance with Assettagz®

“Today’s industry leaders know that efficiently managing the lifecycle of their business assets means harnessing the power of the latest in cutting-edge, innovative technology. This not only streamlines business processes and reduces costs, but guarantees the highest levels of inspection, quality control and customer satisfaction in the long-term. Heaton Valves Africa appreciates that the right technology can only add value to their business processes.

Demanding solutions, Heaton Valves Africa makes use of the innovative Assettagz® system to facilitate their business with better delivery of the highest inspection, documentation and quality control standards in their operating warehouses.

The Assettagz® System, made up of bar coded or RFID valve tags and mobile devices used to load, inspect, manage and dispatch valves from their warehouses with quality, efficiency and service excellence, has been expertly supplied to Heaton Valves Africa by the exclusive Assettagz® solution provider, Assettagz® Africa.

With the Assettagz® System each item that arrives at the Heaton Valves Africa warehouse is uniquely identified using a barcode or RFID tag. These tagged valves are scanned and identified using handheld computers. Alerts are built into the system to ensure all valves undergo an inspection on arrival and dispatch. All the inspection data captured allows Inspection Certificates and Reports to be immediately available and viewed centrally on the database via any internet enabled computer, as it is a ‘cloud-based solution’.

Stuart Walker, QA consultant for Heaton Valves Africa: “With Assettagz® technology we are able to ensure that quality control inspections are performed. Simultaneously, our warehouse efficiency has dramatically improved and Non-Conformance Reports have drastically reduced. Using Assettagz has not only made our QA better but has also improved the work environment for our employees as we use the system to check vehicles and forklifts daily, inspect first aid kits and make sure the warehouse is safe to work in. Assettagz® ensures your company keeps up with all the OSH Act requirements making Assettagz a complete asset management solution.”


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