Process Division

Heaton Valves Africa (HVA) are exclusive representative, stockist and distributor of the world leading TLV range of steam traps, pressure-reducing valves and mechanical pumps.

  • Ancillary steam equipment includes sight glasses and Y-strainers.
  • Custodian of the patented steam trap testing and auditing equipment which is underwritten by Lloyds of London.
  • Product specialists are on hand to consult on all plant and steam system product applications and solutions.
  • TLV’s range of QuickTrap steam traps offer a range of solutions. Manufactured from stainless steel offering long life service, featuring the F46 Connector Unit compatible with either Free Float, Thermodynamic, or Balanced Pressure Thermostatic steam traps for quick installation in any operation.
  • Exclusive representative, stockist and distributor of Leser DIN specification, compact performance in threaded and flanged connections.
  • Clean service safety relief valves.
  • All Leser safety relief valves are sized and selected by qualified personnel using industry-leading software.
  • Approved technicians set and calibrate Leser safety relief valves at Heaton’s in-house facility in Jet Park, Gauteng.
  • A wide range of Tomoe brand resilient seated butterfly and Zetkama brand DIN specification globe valves and Y-strainers are stocked in cast and SG iron material.
  • Barton Firtop carbon and stainless steel, basket, conical, T and Y type strainers.

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Heaton Valves Africa (Pty) Ltd is an expert valve stockist, flow, relief, steam and combustion system solution provider and distributor of premium products.
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