As exclusive agent and distributer of American iconic brand, Everlasting Valves Company, with their leading range of industrial valves, Heaton Valves Africa has now further increased their portfolio in partnering with Everlasting Valve Company’s century-old reputation for manufacturing and testing quality products in an ISO 9001 certified facility.

In 1906, Everlasting Valve Company was formed by Patterson Allen Engineering, Paterson, New Jersey to manufacture and market steam boiler blow down valves for steam locomotives, ships and the US Navy. As these modes of transportation faded, package boilers for industry and space heating emerged with Everlasting becoming the standard for the package boiler industry. The company incorporated the unique features of flat rotating self lapping sealing surfaces and self cleaning open body into their Process Valves, Bulk Material Valves and Diverters.

Today, the Everlasting Valve Company’s customers stretch worldwide in various markets including Portland cement; coal fired power plants handling fly ash and bottom ash; petroleum production and refining – FCC catalysts, coke; inorganic chemicals such as titanium dioxide and gypsum; chemicals, resins and catalysts; coal gasification and liquifaction; synfuels and many other areas where the handling of abrasive solids and slurries is critical.

Website: www.everlastingvalveusa.com