Engineered Products Division

The Engineered Products Division at Heaton Valves Africa supplies specialist valve solutions to various plants and end-users from the SchuF Group of companies. These are actuated and mechanical ram type, Y- globe, sampling and change over valves for dead-space free and specialist applications at refineries, chemical plants and mines.

A comprehensive range of tank protection equipment, API safety relief valves and flame arrestors from Protego and Leser in Germany, are sized and selected for the customer by our qualified personnel using industry leading software. Recently added are Atreus geodesic domes and Lightning Master lightning protection equipment, to round off a full service offering to the product storage industries. Other specialized valve consulting and supply services offered by the technically competent Engineered Products Division include Velan delayed coking, nuclear and high-pressure valves for the power industry, as well as the a range of high-performance, tight shut off triple-eccentric mechanical and actuated valve packages.

Also acquired, is the exclusive Zeeco agency, offering a full range of flares, burners and incinerators as well as consulting, support, spares and maintenance services to the combustion sector of industry.

T.D. Williamson – Pipeline Solutions

TDW provides hot tapping services and equipment
that enable pipeline owners and operators to safely
and cost effectively perform…..

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Velan Coker

Velan Valves Africa

Velan currently supplies valves for
delayed coker applications in the widest
range of sizes and…

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Leser Valves South Africa

As the sole official agency holder for Leser
in sub-Saharan Africa, Heaton Valves Africa
has at its disposal…

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Schuf Valves

Family-owned business, SchuF founded in
1911, and now a global leading
manufacturer of custom-made valves…

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Protego Logo

A new generation of improved Protego
safety devices including flame arresting
equipment and pressure…

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Lightning Master

Lightning Master Logo

Lightning Master is a full service, full
spectrum static solutions and lightning
and transient protection…

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Clearguard Logo

The Autorodder (AR) is a very simple,
preventative maintenance device that is
fitted permanently to tapping points…

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Everlasting Valve Company

As exclusive agent and distributer of
American iconic brand, Everlasting
Valves Company, with their…

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Continental Disc Corporation

Continental Disc Corporation

Established in 1965, Continental
Disc Corporation is a leading manufacturer of rupture disc…

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