Drone Inspections

Heaton Valves Africa uses the latest in drone technology to provide an inspection of the online flare and offer sufficient imagery and information for the client to evaluate the condition of the flare tip, associated equipment, and make an informed decision with respect to the continued operation of the existing tip, prior to a planned shutdown and/or replacement.

Flare Tip Inspection Detail :
  • Flare tip main body, to check if there are any cracks in the plate material and any cracking of the weld seams on the tip.
  • Flare pilot assemblies, to check for any distortion/cracking of pilot gas and ignition pipework, thermal damage to the pilot nozzles and air ventures.
  • Windshield assembly, to check for any damage to the perforated shield or wind slats (depending on the tip manufacturers design).
  • Flame retention segments/retention lugs inside the upper internal periphery of the flare tip to check for damage or removal (LP tips if fitted).
  • Visual signs of damage/deformation to external “sonic” pipes/nozzles (HP tips only).
  • Pilot gas and flame front manifolds (if installed) to check for cracking/distortion.
  • Main flare tip flange connection to the flare stack riser, to check for loosening and/or removal of bolting and check for possible gas leakage.
  • As above, except for the pilot gas and flame front ignition flange connections (if installed) to the service lines on the flare stack.
  • Flare pilot thermocouples, to check for deterioration/burn-out.
  • Thermal imaging of the flare tip only.
  • All brackets on the flare tip assembly, to check for integrity/cracking/distortion and separation from the flare tip body.

Drone inspections

In addition to the inspection of the flare tip, Heaton Valves Africa can provide imagery of the actual derrick support structure members, ladders and platforms, flare stack risers, utility/service lines, aircraft warning lights (if applicable) and electric cabling, to establish any areas of damage or corrosion. We would be pleased to provide this additional imagery if required by the Client.


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