Black Economic Empowerment and Employment Equity

Heaton Valves Africa (HVA) is a Level 4 B-BBEE contributor with a procurement recognition level of 100%.

HVA has made a balanced contribution across all seven measurement categories of the generic scorecard. HVA implemented initiates over the last year. The following key categories, all of which have had highly successful outcomes:

1. BEE Shareholder Wealth Creation
HVA’s Black ownership level is 16%. Most importantly, through the Debt owing on these shares when compared to the Net Asset Value of the BEE Shares is a mere 20%, and when compared to the fair market value is below 10%. This demonstrates genuine BEE wealth creation.

2. Skills Development
HVA has focused both on the skills development of black employed staff and unemployed persons that were previously disadvantaged.

  1. Black Employees – Both formal education and business mentorship programs have been implemented on a broad scale
  2. Black Unemployed Persons – HVA has employed a number of previously unemployed black disabled females and placed them on project management NQF level 4 learnerships.

3. Procurement
HVA remains committed to procuring from B-BBEE contributing suppliers, and has redirected certain of its procurement. HVA’s procurement score achieved is now in excess of 75%.

4. Socio-Economic and Enterprise Development
HVA has contributed quite extensively towards the upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities through a broad spectrum of initiatives. A score of 100% has been achieved in this category.

HVA is currently initiating actions to embrace the intentions of the revised codes of good practice, with a focus over the next year on further upliftment of previously disadvantaged groups, through:

  1. Skills development of unemployed persons
  2. Provision of business mentorship services to small business empowered suppliers.
  3. Improving procurement from empowered suppliers (51% Black owned and 30% Woman owned), wherever possible.

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