Albrecht-Automatik offers innovative and reliable safety shut-off systems and components for process engineering.

Specialising in construction of individual stations. Production programs are compact systems for the power generating and chemicals industries.

Heaton Valves Africa, as Albrecht’s exclusive distributor has access to the following extensive product range;

▪           Electro-pneumatically actuated safety quick-closing valves

▪           Electro-hydraulically actuated safety quick-closing valves

▪           Own-medium controlled safety quick-closing valves

▪           Safety quick-closing valves for gas turbines

▪           Control valves for oil-/gas firing plants

▪           Dirt traps

▪           Hand valves – special design for oil/gas

▪           SAV valves for glycol in plants for gas drying

▪           Special valves for extreme operating conditions

▪           Electro-pneumatic burner process device for oil burner lances

▪           Electro-pneumatic burner process device for ignition burner lances

▪           Electro-pneumatic burner process device for drum gate valve

▪           Complete valve stations for oil-/gas firing plants

Albrecht’s safety devices have an automatic shut-off function. The function and working of the safety quick-closing valves are conceived such that dangerous operating conditions are avoided and the system is protected. If the auxiliary power source fails, the safety quick shut-off valves are closed through spring force. Closing time is less than 1 second / within 5 seconds during control function. 

Safeguard is therefore your automatic digital reminder when follow up maintenance is due. It is an intelligent digital solution for the maintenance of your system. A flexible user interface is used to identify the system components that require maintenance and to set the associated target maintenance intervals. 

Heaton Valves Africa and Albrecht-Automatik have a service team to perform installation or maintenance work on your plant with the same high quality and reliability standards that we applied at the manufacturer. 

Safety is a matter of trust. Heaton Valves Africa and Albrecht-Automatik thus keep your plant data up to date professionally, so the right spare parts are stocked at all times.